It's Hard

Post Graduation Life is Hard feat. Lisa Evanson

Episode Summary

Paige sits down for her last official interview of season 1 with Lisa Evanson to talk about life after graduating.

Episode Notes

Graduating is an exciting accomplishment in life. Whether you experienced it in high school, college, grad school, etc. It is a time of great joy and happiness. However, there are hard things about it as well. Lisa Evanson tells us about the not so glamourous side of post graduation life. For some people, this transition is terrifying, sad, and difficult. Lisa shares her experience with these challenges and offers some motivating advice and insight. 

Lisa is a bright, intelligent, fun, and hilarious woman. I had a blast talking with her and I know that you will LOVE what she has to say! Be sure to follow her on Instagram to see when she has open mic nights or a comedy show. 

Lisa concludes our official interviews for season 1! Stay tuned for a season 1 finale episode with Papa Boner! 








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