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Work Hard Play Harder: How Play Can Benefit Your Mental Health with Kara Latta

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INTERVIEW: Paige sits down with Kara Latta, a play and mindset coach and founder of The Playful Warrior, to discuss the impact play has on our lives and our mental health.

Episode Notes

Do you remember what you were like as a child? Were you creative... curious… playful? Why do we lose this as we grow up? Kara Latta doesn’t think we have to. Kara is the founder of The Playful Warrior, whose mission is to reconnect adults back to their inherent creative nature and playful inner child. The goal is to encourage embracing all parts of ourselves: the dark parts, the playful parts, and the parts that make us unique. 

So… what really is play? According to Kara, “play is a mindset. It doesn’t matter what specific activity you are doing, it’s about doing whatever gets you in that playful mindset to return to who we were as kids”. This could include sports, games, dancing and singing, painting, puzzles, and more. With these activities, it doesn’t matter if you are good at it or not, if you win or lose, or what the end result is. It’s all about the journey of having fun for the sake of having fun, not the outcome. Seeking and working towards releasing the inner child in us will bring success, adaptability, productivity, creativity, joy, enhanced focus, and better health! By incorporating play into a daily routine, our lives can be shaped into a life we love. 

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